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Tax Controversy Representation

When a prospective client contacts Lake Shore Legal after receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service or Massachusetts Department of Revenue, the prospective client is normally nervous. For most people their only interaction with the IRS or MDOR is once a year when they complete their individual or business tax return. When one of those agencies sends them a letter, most people think worst case scenario, they begin to think of any and all potential issues they might have with their taxes.

Lake Shore Legal has attorneys with years of experience assisting individuals and businesses with representation before the IRS and MDOR. Our attorneys are knowledgeable with the federal and state tax codes, knowledgeable concerning the federal and state procedures concerning audits or collections and experienced in communicating and dealing with employees of the agencies. Further, Attorney Nick Adamopoulos received his LLM in Taxation from Boston University Law School and previously worked exclusively with a tax law firm in Boston where he gained valuable experience and knowledge in the Tax Controversy field.

Lake Shore Legal can assist you with the following tax controversy matters:

Individual and Business Tax Audits

-If you have been contacted by a taxing agency concerning an audit, whether it be individual income, business income, payroll, or meals tax, then we can assist you during the audit. Lake Shore Legal can analyze your filings prior to meeting with the IRS or MDOR to determine if there are any potential red flag items on the filings and determine a preliminary liability exposure, if any.

Lake Shore Legal can also assist during the audit. Our attorneys will work with you in gathering the documentation requested by the taxing authority and will meet with the auditor to discuss your matter. Our attorneys will vigorously represent you before the auditor, present your tax and document information in an organized and efficient manner, and answer any questions raised by the auditor.

Non-Filer Matters

-If you have been contacted by the IRS or MDOR because you have not filed all required tax returns, Lake Shore Legal can be of assistance. Our attorneys will contact either the IRS or MDOR and set up a timeline in which the missing returns will be prepared and filed. Further, Lake Shore Legal will work with your tax return preparer to ensure that the returns are accurate and that all needed documents are provided and gathered in the event that the tax agency determines to audit the returns.

Lake Shore Legal will assist in making sure that communication with the taxing agency is open and ongoing. This will ensure that any collection action by the agency, such as liens or levies, are not performed while the returns are being prepared.

Collection Actions

-In most instances, clients will contact Lake Shore Legal after the IRS has started or is about to begin collection action. Routinely this entails the client being subject to lien filings or levy filings. Such collection action can greatly affect an individual’s available funds and savings, and can greatly effect a business’s ability to continue operating.

Our attorneys are well versed in working with both the IRS and MDOR in resolving a lien or levy filing. Our attorneys can work with the tax agency to remove the lien or levy and work towards a different manner in which to resolve the tax issue. Lake Shore Legal can assist in entering you into a monthly payment arrangement with the taxing agency, attempt to have you placed into currently non-collectible status if your financial status warrants, and can analyze your situation and discuss the possibility of preparing and filing an offer in settlement or offer in compromise with the taxing agency concerning your liability.

Penalty Abatement

-Individuals are shocked when they review their tax liability and see how substantial penalties and interest accruals are. Lake Shore Legal can work with you and attempt to have some of these penalties and interest charges abated in the right circumstances. Our attorneys can request first time penalty abatement in certain circumstances or can prepare penalty abatement requests advocating that the underlying issue was based upon reasonable cause rather than willful neglect.

Innocent Spouse relief

-If you receive a tax bill for a tax liability that you do not believe is based upon your income but rather than of your spouse or ex-spouse there are opportunities to seek tax relief as an innocent spouse. Lake Shore Legal will prepare the necessary forms and explanations to advocate that the tax liability should not be assessed against you but rather should be the sole responsibility of the other spouse.

Tax Litigation

­-Lake Shore Legal will represent you before the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board and/or US Tax Court concerning your tax matter. Our attorneys have vast experience working with IRS and MDOR appeals officers concerning tax issues, and tax liabilities. In the event that a resolution cannot be found at the appeals level, our attorneys will file petitions with the Mass. ATB or US Tax Court and will advocate for a resolution with an attorney representing the taxing authority or will advocate your case before a judge.

Lake Shore Legal, LLC

If you have been contacted by the IRS and/or MDOR contact Lake Shore Legal today. Our attorneys will utilize their knowledge and experience to work towards resolving your matter in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Lake Shore Legal can offer representation at all stages of a tax controversy matter and can explain each step of the process to you in non-technical tax terms. Contact us today and allow Lake Shore Legal to assist you with your tax matter.; (508)943-7800

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