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Business Law/Tax Matters

Lake Shore Legal has extensive experience in representing clients concerning a wide range of tax matters. Such matters have included representation before the Internal Revenue Service, Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board, United States Tax Court, and United States Federal Court of Claims.

Correspondence from the IRS and MDOR concerning tax liabilities and collection efforts can be a scary and trying experience on individuals. Tax agencies may contact an individual through mail correspondence or by stopping at your residence. In either situation, you should contact an experienced professional to protect your rights before the agency.

In most circumstances individuals dealing with a tax agency are being contacted by the agency due to a tax deficiency. A tax deficiency has been or is about to be assessed due to the agency alleging discrepancies with a tax return filing. In the event that an assessment has not yet been assessed, this office can represent you before the agency’s auditor and/or tax examiner. Such representation can assist in reducing the proposed assessment and providing the agency with necessary documentation and tax law arguments concerning the individual and the tax return in question.

In the event that an assessment has been made, the agency’s collection division is likely contacting a taxpayer. In the event that the collection division has not received a response from the taxpayer the agency may move forward with lien and/or levy filings. A lien or levy filing can greatly effect and harm a person’s savings and credit. This office can assist you with challenging incorrect tax assessments, entering into payment arrangements, penalty abatements, and offer in compromise filings.

Lake Shore Legal has an abundance of experience representing clients before IRS and MDOR personnel, including revenue officers, revenue agents, tax examiners, and auditors. Such experience includes handling income tax, sales tax, employment tax, estate tax, and gift tax matters. Additionally, we are able to provide clients with information and guidance on dealing with issues at the audit and administrative level, which would preclude the need for litigation filing.

Representation has been provided to both individuals and businesses, including sole proprietorships, S corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, and Corporations.

Are you thinking about starting a new business? Are you a current business owner who has a potential legal issue that needs resolution? Lake Shore Legal is here to assist.

Starting a new business can be an exciting and taxing time. Our attorneys are here to explain the different formation options available to you. Lake Shore Legal has experience in the formation of corporations, S corporations, single member LLCs, multi members LLCS, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Our attorneys can explain the different advantages and disadvantages that each potential formation option offers.

Our attorneys can explain the potential liability exposure you will face depending upon your entity choice and explain the tax consequences of each entity. Additionally, Lake Shore Legal can assist in preparation of the business’s operating agreement, article of organization, corporate votes, partnership agreements, and other necessary business filings. Our attorneys will assist with the preparation of necessary filings with the federal and state governments including filings with the Secretary of Commonwealth’s office.

Entity Formation-Advising clients concerning the most advantageous business entity choice, tax and liability issues concerning available entity choices such as Limited Liability Companies, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, S Corporations, and C Corporations. Preparation and drafting of Articles of Organization Corporate Votes, Operating Agreements, and other documents mandated by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Internal Revenue Service, and Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Partnership Agreements- Advising clients concerning the rights of partners under an existing partnership agreement, assisting clients concerning partnership disputes, and drafting of partnership agreements for a newly forming partnership.

Business Documents- Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating business contracts, corporate votes, annual meeting minutes, buy-sell agreements, annual reports, and distribution agreements.

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